Just a Chat: Common Deers


SlopesFest 2016 started it’s first year with a bang.

With many different local Brisbane bands, the small Greenslopes Bowls Club was bursting at the seems with talent, each band different although sharing the same warm smiles with the small crowd in front of them.

Luckily enough, I was able to chat with Jayden Beale [Lead Guitarist and Vocalist] from the band Common Deers, a four piece rock band that performed with eclectic energy and had a few good laughs. We talked about the Brisbane music scene, SlopesFest and what Common Deers have in store for the near future.

Set Sound: What do you think of the current music scene in Brisbane?

JB: The Brisbane music scene is a little bit dull. But I think in all areas its starting to pick up because we are coming out of a trend at the moment. I feel like in a few years creativity will start to open up. It’s getting better. 

Set Sound: What do you mean by dull?

JB: I feel like it’s hard to go out and see a lot of good quality bands from a wide range. The key is variety and range. If you were to go see gigs over a course of a few months it would be very hard to find a good quality of a good variety. I feel like the indie phase was really good but over the last five years theres become a lot of them. Heavy influences have suffered, Hip hop has suffered, so I think theres some good times ahead but its currently stagnant. Thats the first time I’ve ever analysed it in my head [Laughs]

Set Sound: What do you think of SlopesFest and how do you think it will liven up Brisbane music

JB: I think the major burden is on the bands to get the word out. We as a band didn’t invite too many people because we haven’t played for awhile. It has potential although the bands do need to promote the event. 

Set Sound: There are plans for the event to be every six months, so you do think that will make the event flow better?

JB: Six months is cool, I don’t mind that. I think the issue is to get the bands to bring more people. It’s a music driven event. 

Set Sound: So how did you guys start as a band?

JB: Simon [second guitarist] and I started with two different members a few years ago, we were a grass roots band. Although now we have Andrew our new drummer and new bassist Will. We are just starting to release music recently as a band. We are a fairly new band although pretty seasoned. 

Set Sound: And do you believe it is hard to get your music out into the public?

JB: The key is to have professionalism with planning. Unless your band is phenomonly good, you won’t kick off straight away.

Set Sound: Lastly, is there any new music we can expect from you guys soon?

JB: We released early bird music. We have recorded a few tracks, but at the moment we are working on a proper EP release within the next year. 

Click the link to their Facebook Page here where they post music, updates and gig dates.

Also click here to listen to their early bird music on Spotify.

Follow Club Greenslopes to keep up to date with their gigs and to find out when the nest SlopesFest is on!


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