What’s Goin’ On: SlopesFest ’16



Home of Club Greenslopes, SlopesFest ’16 was held on the 22nd of October.

Live music, free barefoot bowls and market stalls were all a-go throughout the duration of the day.

With 30 acts in total, the festival was a great boost for local musicians, as the festival hosted a variety of ages from small children to baby boomers, enjoying and making the most out of a rain-threatening day.

Ross Thurlow, the Club Greenslopes Consultant wanted to have a music festival that was cheap, accessible and local to the community for all ages.

“The plan is to have a SlopesFest every six months, giving musicians opportunities- a way to get their music out there” Thurlow said.

As a great event for it’s first run, we are sure to expect SlopesFest to only attract more and more each event.


Follow Club Greenslopes on Facebook to keep up to date with their gigs and other events as well as info on the next SlopesFest.

Some interviews with a few of the local acts from SlopesFest will be posted in the near future, as well as new music and other great things. Watch this space!


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