Drops: Sticky Fingers


In one of the few darkest days of American history regarding the Election and the new Presidency, Sticky Fingers dropped their music video for the almost fitting song of the hour “Sad Songs”- Nov 9.

Although the song name is “Sad Songs”, the music video is a nostalgia-like concept of faded home-videos and antics of the band, featuring good times of their road trip throughout the U.S.A.

Through the light of this song, the lyrics roll of Dylan Frost’s (Lead Singer) singing:

Waiting for my friends to come
‘Cause I’m done with singing sad songs
I’ve been drinking ’till I fell on the floor
What’s the use complaining?
When your love is gone
‘Cause I’m done with wondering what went wrong

In the time where some people need the most help and support, these lyrics are presented at the most perfect time in conjunction with the music video to support, fight, live and love.

Check out the music video here.

As this is the perfect highway song, there is no doubt that it will become one of many popular songs of Summer ’16, with the fresh release of Sticky Finger’s album “Westway (The Glitter & the Slums)”.


Taken from Genius.com

As it is the accompanying third track to their new sound, alike track one “One by One” its smooth and good to listen to while with friends as the album later channels their older sound in songs like “Something Strange” featuring Remi (track seven).

1. One By One
2. Outcast At Last
3. Sad Songs
4. Angel
5. Our Town
6. Westway
7. Something Strange (ft. REMI)
8. Flight 101
9. Tongue & Cheek
10. Amillionite
11. No Divide

Check out the whole album of “Westway (The Glitter & the Slums)” on Spotify




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