Just A Chat: The Flame Fields

By Gabrielle Zgrajewski

At Greenslopes Bowls Club, birthing ground of Violent Soho, a four piece band called The Flame Fields were playing in the right hand corner near the bar with a audience of an estimate of 40 people.

The sound of the guitars complimenting each other, as well as the consistency of the drums made you find yourself bobbing your head. You wait as you hear the introduction of the song the lead Alex says is called “Dangerous” as you wait impatiently to hear the lyrics.


A mix of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and every other rock icon mixed into one is accompanied by a voice which sounds so familiar, yet so different from the rest.

Then, the guitar solo hits you, it goes on for years as if you’re listening to a Dream Theatre song. But no, its just some guys in a band in a small local Bowls Club; or is it?


The way the group performs is tight. That’s the only way I can explain it. They are prepared, they are eager, and they are talented. Alex Bielby and Dave Taylor fit isync with their guitar riffs, not one note out of place. While Josh Poynte keeps the rhythm of the bass, a song alike theirs that would feel uncomplacent without it. Although, without the drumming Luke Crowther supplies, would it really be a song?


The Flame Fields are a unit, each their own sound but only together do they sound like the rock legends before.

Luckily, I was able to have a chat to the guys, I gave them a challenge and we learnt just a little bit more about them.

Follow them on Facebook,  Instagram and Spotify


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