What’s Goin On: Skegss @ The Miami Shark Bar

By Gabrielle Zgrajewski

Skegss are currently gracing Australia and New Zealand with a tour after the release of their single “Spring Has Sprung” from their forthcoming EP Holiday Food. With ranging local support acts  LOS SCALLYWAGGSDumb Punts, Voiiid and Peter Bibby, the gig at the Miami Shark Bar, Gold Coast was in for a good time for a Thursday night.

Excitement and anticipation circled the room as a group of friends and I entered the bar, and accidentally met Toby from Skegss as we stood around aimlessly not knowing what to do. He was a wonderful guy and had a lot of energy so I already knew this show was going to go off.

Not soon after, with a drink in my hand I found myself bobbing along to Los Scallywags. They shared a setlist of songs that were almost reminiscent. As if you have heard them many times before in a past life of the 70’s, although revamped and modernised.

We found Dumb Punts on stage next, greeted by Seattle as she sat down behind the drums.  The mosh was jumping up and down as one massive wave of bodies, although that didn’t prepare you for what was the storm of Skegss.


As the boys started and “New York California” played, the mosh was hot, sweaty, and lethal. We all danced as hard as we could while Skegss played one of the best gigs I had seen in awhile. With Ben’s voice booming throughout the room, the vibe throughout the set did not fail with energy.

From song to song, the breaks seemed seamless as they just flowed from one to the next, and although there was little dialogue from the boys, you could tell they were thankful for the show-up of people.

Finally, “Spring Has Sprung” was played- at this point, people had jumped over the barrier, jumping on stage, sadly knocking around equipment, but having a good time. Meanwhile, behind the barrier there were punches, falls, concussions, blood and some glass (?).


What was amazing was that the band kept it together while the equipment was knocked and moved. The boys stayed tight and continued on in the most annoying of times!

If you haven’t grabbed tickets to the rest of their shows, click here. Tour finishes February 18.

Holiday Food EP out soon!

Listen to “Spring Has Sprung” here



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