What’s Goin On: Regurgitator

By Gabrielle Zgrajewski

That’s right ladies and gentlemen- Regurgitator. If you went out on the town in Brisbane during the 1990’s then you would most likely know who I’m talking about, and they are back again!

Featured as the headlining act at Up Late GOMA10 (Gallery of Modern Art 10 year anniversary), the crowd flooded in just to see one band that would bring them back to their youth.

For those who have no idea who I am talking about, its these guys.


A traditional rock band that experiments with a Punk component in their music blows even the youngest of minds with their cheeky but catchy songs like “Bong In My Eye” and “Crush The Losers”.

Although during Up Late GOMA10, the song “I Sucked A Lot of C*ck to Get Where I Am” was a surprisingly big hit within the crowd, with whistles, excitement and reciting every word.

The guys worked the crowd to their advantage by greeting well known fans and also saying happy birthday to another. They were friendly and also willing to hang back for photos and a chat.

This band is still one to sit back and listen to as their sound is timeless!


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