Pass the Mic: Loyle Carner

By Peyton Matherson

Loyle Carner released “Yesterday’s Gone” on January 20 bringing a fresh start to 2017, for those of you who are grime lovers or those of you who think grime is no better than its name, synonymous with filth.


The  British Hip-Hop artist  paints us a picture of his mind within the creative genius which is this album. Full of emotion and an intelligent mix of jazz and what sounds to be the remnants of the early 2000’s hip hop scene. There’s even a track for the slam poetry fans amongst us, give +44 a listen if that’s your caper- about filling the void of love with a one night stand because you’re bored. 

A suggested track is ‘The Isle of Arran’. The track mimics what we’ve been hearing from the likes of Macklemore and Bruno Mars more recently and it provides an easy transition for those not unaccustomed to hearing such hard hitting poetry mixed into their favourite tunes. Loyle explores his youth as well as celebrating what it is to be a young dad, showing masculinity through emotion and everything in between.

You can download the album via the Loyle Carner website here

Or else check out the playlist of songs below


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