Playlists: Girl Power

By Taylor Williams

Editors Note by Gabrielle Zgrajewski: In light of recent history, the team of Set Sound would like to show our support for not only the women of the world but all minorities. This playlist is a “Girl Power” playlist to commend the recent women marches that took place all over the world- although especially in America with a whopping 500 cities taking part of the demonstration (Frostenson). With over 3.3 million citizens taking part in what may be the largest U.S. demonstration ever, we wanted to commend this moment in history. 


For the Womens Marches held around the world we decided to create a play list that would commemorate some of the biggest female artists and influences in music today. They are both inspiring and have something to say. Here is the top 10 tracks of the playlist! Find the whole playlist below!


  1. Running At People Exiting- Ecca Vandal
  2. I for an Eye- Waax
  3. Screentime- E^ST
  4. Flesh Without Blood- Grimes
  5. Sex Yeah- Marina and the Diamonds
  6. Hair- Lay Gaga
  7. Brooklyn Baby- Lana Del Rey
  8. In There Somewhere- Halsey
  9. Advice- Kehlani
  10. Adore- Amy Shark


Frostenson, Sarah. “The Women’s Marches May Have Been The Largest Demonstration In US History”. Vox. N.p., 2017. Web. 24 Jan. 2017.


One thought on “Playlists: Girl Power

  1. 11/10 Flesh Without Blood is one of the first songs I put on when I feel I need a dose of girl power – fkn love this playlist Gabz xx


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