What’s Goin On: Panic! At The Disco

By Courtney Moane

When Panic! At The Disco first appeared on the Billboard 100 on the 26 of August 2006 with their elaborate tales of ‘sinners’ and ‘whores’ there weren’t many teenage hearts Brendon Urie didn’t steal. Now fast forward a decade or so Panic! At The Disco made their way onto the stage in Brisbane, Australia. 

Australian support act ‘Tigertown’ prepared fans for a night full of dancing and fun with their upbeat set and candy coloured lights flashing from the stage onto the grass their set left the audience tired but excited in sweltering heat and darkness.

Brendon Urie was joined on stage by only one other Panic! At The Disco member; Dallon Weekes (who continues to tour despite his 2015 retirement) which left a lot of fans curious whether the duo would match up to PATD’s usual high standards.


Photo taken by Carley Marie

Starting off their set with ‘Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time’ from their newest album ‘Death of a Bachelor’ (2016) the crowd of thousands of all ages went wild.

From the moment they stepped on the stage the atmosphere at Riverstage was indescribable, thousands of people gathered around with overpriced alcohol, sweating in the Queensland humidity watching their favourite band smash through an impressive 18 song setlist filled with some of the best songs of all six albums.

When the opening chords of ‘The Ballad of Mona Lisa’ fans flocked to the empty space behind the sound tent at Riverstage where the view of the stage was bad but the amount of space to dance was incredible. About 100 fans ran to the empty patch of grass to sing their hearts out and dance until they couldn’t.

The heat was further increased by PATD’s greatest songs including; ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’, the stage continued to be illuminated by flashing lights, while the crowd erupted in chees when Urie held up a pride flag during ‘Girls/Girls/Boys’ symbolising the unity between fans and the band.


Photo taken by Carley Marie

Brendon Urie had a way of making the stage his own; with his incredible high notes that continued to shock the audience every time, he flung out two backflips in which he told the audience he didn’t realise was possible and rounded out performances of ‘Ready to Go’ and ‘Nine in the Afternoon’ with an amazing cover of Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

The band decided against an encore saying they’d rather stay on stage to continue the fun, the final 3 songs brought the night to a marvellous end. Everyone’s favourite hit ‘I Write sins not Tragedies’ hit the mark before Brendon Urie dedicated an amazing rendition of ‘This is Gospel’ to ex bandmate and best friend Spencer Smith which proved the nights most poignant moment as Smith hasn’t performed with the band since 2013 and officially departed in 2015 to focus on his sobriety. This particular song was a highlight of the night as the audience and the band connected on a whole other level, there was a moment where the audience sang a few verses and Brendon stood back and watched as fans of many different ages, ethnicities, sexualities stood together and enjoyed beautiful live music. Concluding with ‘Victorious’ the audience sang with all of their mite ‘tonight we are victorious’ back at Urie as he stood there in the last few moments of their Brisbane Show.

“I’ve been part of Panic! For 13 years now, so thank you, for everything.” Urie stated as he grinned. Their performance beamed with energy and pure love, the excitement received from a crowd of thousands spoke volumes when everyone at the venue was singing at the top of their lungs bringing absolute joy across the band’s faces as the audience didn’t miss a word.


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