Breaking: Dune Rats

By Gabrielle Zgrajewski

Dune Rats have finally released their album ‘The Kids Will Know It’s Bulls***’ after teasing fans for so long after releasing the singles from the album “Bulls***” and “Scott Green”.

The album is full of songs that are almost reminiscent of those pre-teen/teenage years where you wish you were old enough to do whatever you like. The years of asking your older siblings to sneak you alcohol (Listen to 6 Pack) or the time you may have promised yourself that you aren’t going to do that thing that you ended up doing anyway (Listen to Never Gonna Get High).


It  is full of exploration of Australian teen years, in a way where most people can relate to one song or another.

The band has kept their familiar sound, which has worked in their favour with the rock scene being a big trend within Australian music currently.

Dune Rats are currently finishing up their tour with St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, although will be going back on tour at the end of this month, though till March 26th. In the mean time, the boys will also be doing exclusive signings for their new album at the following locations:

Melbourne- Tuesday 7th from 4:30
24Hundred- 17-19 Wangaratta St, Richmond
Sydney- Wednesday 8th from 4:30
Utopia Records- 511 Kent St, Sydney
Brisbane- Thursday 9th Feb from 4:30
Rocking Horse Records- 245 Albert St, Brisbane City

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