Drops: Ocean Grove

By Tyne Cochran-Guest writer


Need some new head banging tunes to jam to? Maybe something different? Alternative, Odd World Melbourne band Ocean Grove have just dropped some heavy new content.

Their new album “The Rhapsody Tapes” has just been released and if you’re looking for something outside of the norm, it may be just what you’re looking for. The album consists of 12 songs, one of them featuring Running Touch, a sole electronic artist who happens to feature in some of Ocean Grove’s music videos.

Starting off with What I Like About a Natural woman, the track sets the overall mood of the album. We were given hints earlier on with tracks ‘These Boys Light Fires’ and ‘Intimate Alien’. Although they use many different techniques with their sound, the overall sound of their music is hard to describe, it’s that good. Ocean Grove is referred to as ‘Odd World Music’, and while they’re still a heavy band, mixing their sound with different kinds of music and subgenres, gives them that edge and difference between other heavy artists.

Listeners may have their own opinions on what the album sounds like to them, and this is what makes Ocean Grove keep their listeners wanting more after every song they hear. The Rhapsody Tapes album is definitely a step up from their 2013 EP Outsider and 2015 EP Black Label, and while these two EP’s are incredible and are listened to every day, this new album has got everyone talking. It could even be the best heavy record dropped since 2017 commenced.

The members in Ocean Grove have said they all had a part in writing all of their music, with all of their different ideas and influences put together to make an extremely awesome 12-tracked album. Every instrument and sound click perfectly with the rest of the song and the more intense parts of the songs are progressively timed so well and keeps you wanting to hear more. The album’s songs do not sound the same, or all have the same kind of vibe to them, like you hear on some albums. For example, ‘The Wrong Way’ only contains clean vocals and ‘Slow Soap Soak’ with a slow tempo that contrasts to the rest of the album. There’s something in this album for everyone, and even if you’re not a heavy kind of music listener, there’s bound to be a song in The Rhapsody Tapes that you enjoy.

Order the album on iTunes

Order physical album here

Listen on Spotify 

Track List:

  1. What I Love About a Natural Woman
  2. Beers
  3. Thunderdome (feat. Running Touch)
  4. Intimate Alien
  5. The Wrong Way
  6. Slow Soap Soak
  7. These Boys Light Fires
  8. When You’re This High You Can Say What You Like
  9. Mr Centipede
  10. From Dalight
  11. Stratosphere Love
  12. Hitachi



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