Drops: Ali Barter

By Portia Hampson


Incase you missed it on Tuesday night, Ali Barter dropped into the Triple J studios to talk about her first full length album ‘A Suitable Girl’ and to premiere her latest pop rock single “Cigarette”.

Ali spoke about her biggest inspirations Kylie Minogue and Madonna and how they’ve influence her. But her most noted influence for her current record title is based off a book called A Suitable Boy written by Vikram Seth.

It’s a beautiful story about a girl who comes of age and has to find a husband. I loved this book and I was writing all these songs and realising all these songs were kind of about me finding my place, learning acceptance, being angry, being a girl, and being OK with that. All the stuff that is growing up.- Ali Barter

‘A Suitable Girl’ is Ali’s rawest work and we can’t wait to hear the entirety of the record!

Barter also stated she imagines her record to be the background of a romantic movie soundtrack, with each song scoring their own scene. She explained where the placing of cigarette would be in her imaginary romantic movie and quite frankly, we agree.

“It’s the beginning, it’s like the frustration. There’s a [couple] and they’re having this relationship and in love. Then the first thing happens and someone gets pissed off and then it leads to the big fight. So it’s kind of like a third of the way in, it’s when trouble’s brewing” Ali said.

We can all feel that Barter’s record is going to make many headlines over the next year and maybe even a few romantic movie appearances?

‘A Suitable Girl’ is out March 24th


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