Pass the Mic: Pandamic

By Gabrielle Zgrajewski

Pandamic, the surf rock band from Rockhampton has taken the east coast of Australia by storm. From just getting off tour with The Rubens to performing with Dune Rats at the Crow Bar in Brisbane, the four piece are sky rocketing, making them one particular band to look out for.

As a love child between FIDLAR and Skegss, the share qualities of surf rock, dance and a bit of punk in-between, depending on what song you listen to you will love what Pandamic has to offer.

With fun lyrics, upbeat tune and overall a fun performance, the energy on stage and within the crowd is electric. It is clear that the guys bring a particular experience to their performances. Engaging the audience, mixing it up between tempos of songs and being a relatively fresh band, its a hard gig to beat when they are the opening act.

Look out for new music as  a new single will be out as early as the start of March, with an EP coming out not long after. It is also rumoured that Pandamic will tour from Northern Queensland right down to Sydney in May/June so keep an eye out as to what they are up to!



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