Drops: Flume

By Gabrielle Zgrajewski

Slowly but surely progressing through his music, Flume has released ‘Skin Companion EP II’, following his LP ‘Skin’ and the ‘Skin Companion EP I’ released in 2016. Although keeping his similar dance/trance roots, the second companion EP has taken influences by the featuring artists on the four songs that create something a lot more different than what you may think is traditional Flume. Here is a break down of all the songs on the EP.

Enough ft. Pusha T
Keeping small elements of what is traditional Flume, this track featuring Pusha T holds a lot more elements of trap and hip hop. As the introduction song to the EP, it makes you want to continue to listen to see what else Flume has to offer. Even though Flume has experimented with hip hop with tracks such as “Holdin On” featuring T.Shirt, it is nothing compared to “Enough”.
Good for: When you’re getting ready to go to a party or clubbing. 

Weekend ft. Moses Sumney
Again with a similar trap vibe, “Weekend” introduces an element of trance that makes you bob your head sub-consciously til about half way where it goes almost silent, which is then accompanied by a soft beat and the voice of Sumney. It is a track for easy listening, as again this is an experimental track, which shows the more technical and creative side Flume has trialled with an outro of instrumental and piano in an almost unorganised but effective pattern.
Good for: Driving down the highway on your way home from a good day. 

Depth Charge
Back to what people may say is Flume’s “roots”, “Depth Charge” is definitely something similar to what you may hear on the Self Titled album. As it holds the traditional dance/trance sound that we accustomed to when we think of Flume, it shows how much he has truly progressed and changed as an artist to accomplish a particular sound, as well as mastering the type of music he started with.
Good for: The clubs.

Fantastic ft. Glass Animals
Using the 8-bit video game fractured sounds that Glass Animals used in their album ‘How to be a Human Being’, it has been effectively used in ‘Fantastic’ with the music Glass Animals highly manipulating the trance sound of the song to make it something else. It is definitely not your typical dance/trance song as it holds so many different components that make it feel as if you’re in a dance video game. It’s other-worldly and something you do not hear too often.
Good for: Grooving to in the shower. 


Listen to the EP on Spotify and buy it on iTunes 


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