Drops: Linkin Park

By Robert Seymour

For those missing their naughties favourites a beam of light seems to be on the horizon. Nu metal powerhouse Linkin Park have released a new single “Heavy” featuring Kiiara this week. A taste of their upcoming album ‘One More Light’ set to be released this year. Whilst maintaining their meaningful lyrics this single focus’s heavily on an electric rhythm similar to the style we hear on the radio of late.

The inclusion of Kiiara as a featuring artist gave the single its pop and bass heavy flare for which she has become famous (or infamous depending on where you stand on EDM). This sound has definitely given the band a distinguishable change from the bulk of their previous work. But don’t raise your pitch forks and torches yet! There is still enough of the Linkin Park feel we all know for old fans to get their fix.

While it certainly won’t replace anyone’s morning coffee for a punch in the face of energy the tune is definitely catchy and it’s a pretty safe bet that both Kiiara and the bands work will serenade anyone while brushing their teeth for weeks to come.

While this is not the Linkin Park we are used to or remember I think that this single will definitely leave question mark in our minds while we wait for the album to be released.

But don’t worry we won’t have to wait long, the album will be ready to be put into our playlists May 19th. To tie you over until then you can listen to ‘Heavy’ below!


One thought on “Drops: Linkin Park

  1. I don’t mind it but it’s not as creative as I would have hoped. What did you think of their recent albums?


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