Drops: Dope Lemon

By Gabrielle Zgrajewski


After the success of ‘Honey Bones’, their hit single “Marinade” hitting a top of 850,000 views and two singles hitting the Triple J Hottest 100, Dope Lemon is back with a new EP called ‘Hounds Tooth’.

An exploration into what is 1950’s revived South American funk mixed with Angus Stone’s deep yet alluring voice, something inside yearns for what is next to come on each track.

After being greeted by “Home Soon”- the track released earlier this month to tease the next step for the band, it makes you wonder what went into this EP and why it is so similar, yet so different from ‘Honey Bones’. The first track makes you feel like you are on your way to see someone or something special. A giddy beat, created by pipes but then tightened with trumpets. Accompanied by the simply sweet guitar riff, you’re in for a good tune that sets the tone for the rest of the record.

Between “Neon Lights” and “Hounds Tooth” the next two track on the album, time slows down, so make sure you’re laying down somewhere peaceful before listening to these two tracks. They take you on a ride.

After being constructed during hard times due to a snowboarding accident, this journey is slow and steady. Echoing vocals and haunting loops which create a trance make up the world of which Stone himself may have felt as timeless. An abyss between the accident and rehearsals for ‘Honey Bones’ performances, it can become a time of a slight haze; which is what you may feel during these tracks in the most comforting way possible.


“Take my love, girl. Take all of my love”- a cry owned only by one lover to the other, “Lovers Left to Die” is a love song. The love Stone has for one which may be a lot deeper than what is seen by the eye. A love song that is very much so alive than one that is to die. Again, with a slow beat and a trancing voice, the song is very much made from love, another world entirely from a slow healing process.

The last track “Where Do You Go” is a sweet serenade which lasts for 6 minutes and 47 seconds. Recommended to be listened to last as it is probably the song with the most heart and soul from the instruments alone. What sounds a little alike the roots of Stone’s main project Angus and Julia Stone- you can hear the progression of Stone as an artist. Critiqued, reproduced, re-imaged, cut open, dissected, put back together. A tie in between Dope Lemon and Angus and Julia Stone, the progression is evident through each track, from each album.

Although, you will never understand the emotional journey of what is ‘Hounds Tooth’ until you hear it in full. As it is bursting at the seems with content and sentiment, it is a pinnacle within the career of Angus Stone.

Visit the website here to order the album. 

Dope Lemon will be performing at some music festivals within the next month so keep your eyes peeled on their social medias.

Check out ‘Home Soon’ below.




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