What’s Goin On: Dan Sultan

By Robert Seymour

This a personal message to all Dan Sultan fans, a crowd I personally think is about to grow exponentially. Why? You ask… Because new tunes are on the way and if they are anything like what we got last year from Magnetic (and every other time he’s released) they are going to dazzle us with more of his bluesy / alt – rock / roots style smashes that we have come to expect from him. With 3 albums under his belt I feel our expectations are sure to be reached and most likely surpassed on his 4th go. To hear some of the new songs a bit early you can always go to his brand new pop-up tour he’s just announced.

He plans to make these pop-up shows slightly more intimate affairs, which you can surely make your way down to if you live in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney or Melbourne. And while you can indulge in the new stuff no need to fear if you want to hear some oldies as well. He is sure to play all your favourites (except for the ones he doesn’t have time to play) from his albums, singles, EP’s and all that good stuff.

But just till you thought Mr Sultan was just a music man, turns out he has a heart as well… before he starts up the pop-up tour he’s hooked himself up with The Thin Green Line Foundation and will be heading over to Africa. The goal of the foundation is to provide welfare to park rangers in low income and conflict zones worldwide. Dan himself will be heading off to Kenya to visit the local Maasai community rangers with a group of Indigenous Australian rangers who’ll be a part of a world first conversation and cultural exchange program. The whole experience will be documented for those who want to see his and the foundations work.

 “I’m really excited to be going to Kenya for this great cause. I’m looking forward to seeing another culture, and without the Thin Green Line I probably wouldn’t be able to experience anything like this. I’m also eager to get back on the road with my fans and see what these new songs sound like live.” – Dan Sultan

If you are ready to jump on board the Dan Sultan hype train listen to Magnetic for the millionth time below!


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