Drops: The Vanns

By Robert Seymour


Don’t you just hate when this happens? It’s Friday, everyone’s ready for the weekend and arguably one of the most exciting young Australian bands smack you with some new songs, talk on an album AND tour dates. I know, I know we’ll get through this. ‘Shake the Hand that Picks the Fight‘. No not just something that someone running a bullying seminar says but also the slightly more grown up title brandishing the new EP the Vanns dropped on Friday.

Oddly enough the songs in the EP match this new maturity giving us even more bluesy tinged rock. Especially the newbies from this year; “Harder to Find, “Joker” and “So I’m Told. While “Skinny Legs” and “Sunday to Sunday” also feature most eyes (or more specifically ears) will be on the new stuff. And rightly so, “Joker” is a personal favourite highlighting the bands new lead guitarist Cameron Little giving the band even more roaring guitars and catchy hooks. The vocals of Jimmy Vann are also a highlight as they always are in the bands releases. Providing the bits everyone will sing along to and evidently sound inadequate to in comparison.

To give some criticism the fact that there were only 2 songs people hadn’t heard yet on the EP’s release date was disappointing. But every cloud does indeed have a silver lining. The band is in the process of making their debut album and the EP was said to be only a taste of what’s to come.

If you have a listen to the tunes and get yourself hooked on the old stuff as well (don’t blame you it happens to the best of us) you even have a chance to hear it all live in the bands upcoming tour across Australia. To check if the band is coming to play near you and when look no further than your local The Vanns Facebook page.

To have a listen to the EP down below!


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