Drops: LANY

By Madelaine Hopkins


The three-piece band hailing from Los Angeles has created yet another heavenly tune. The single is a taste test from their forthcoming debut album “LANY” that will have you humming along for months. It’s a nostalgic themed dance track that encompasses their dreamy, summer vibe and distinctive LANY sound through and through, so if you love their other tunes, you’ll love this.

Good Girls” is a keyboard driven jam, with a toe tapping electronic beat and funky guitar riffs. Lead singer Paul Klein sings with an air of easy breezy coolness while pining after an ex, with shards of disappointment coming through the title drop. “Good girls don’t exist, but I expected more than this,” Paul sings before launching into the chorus that will have you falling in love with the heart throb all over again. Need more? The band is releasing their self -titled debut album on June 30th this year! You can preorder it on Itunes now, and in the mean time keep yourself happy with their three EPs, I Loved YouMake Out and Kinda.

Listen To Good Girls here



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