Drops: Alt-J

By Gabrielle Zgrajewski

alt-J - 3WW SINGLE ART600px.jpg

Opening with a very tribal tone on their new single “3WW”, the three piece band Alt-J set the scene for their new album ‘RELAXER’.

A hint of folk style guitars and shakers fill up most of the track time, although accompanied by small amounts of echo-y and eerie vocals, as well as a crashing keyboard mid-way through the song. Later, the keyboard is used to further contribute to a folk style song, with a metal tin-drum sound t
carry the beat alongside the shakers.

What can be considered a typical Alt-J tune, compared to their last album ‘This Is All Yours’ released in 2014- there are influences and similarities between other artists that draw this piece together. Musicians such as Bob Dylan and The Japanese House are two particular artists that come to mind when listening to this song.

It’s a sweet and simple tune, although creates its complexity through vocals
and its chorus. It is a song that cannot be used just for easy listening as it is a song that should be thought of as a whole, and not just vocals or a tune.

As it is the only single from the album released so far, it is exciting to see what else Alt-J hold in store for their fans, with seven other unheard songs on the track list. Although, for now we will kee those a secret.

Listen to “3WW” below and wait out for ‘RELAXER’ to be released June 9.


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