Pass the Mic: American Doubles

By Gabrielle Zgrajewski

Debuting their single “The Swell” last week, American Doubles, a Melbourne duo have struck the music scene with a flurry of 80’s synth pop.

As American Doubles have been in the playing cards for Rob Smith and Justin Hamilton since 2010, the pair finally created the music that was meant to be, starting in a home studio in St Kilda.

Growing up listening to a ‘new wave’ sound of electronic 80’s pop, this has been highly recycled into their single “The Swell” as well as incorporating live instruments such as vocals and guitar, making the song its own. Artists similar to this sound include Manchester band The 1975 and Scottish synth band Chvrches.

Inspired by Rob’s childhood, it reflects his childhood, exploring the depths of the ocean at Cape Paterson as well as simply floating in the swell.


“The Swell” can only be described as ‘wavy’ with its flowing beat, which is reflective within the music video.

The music video of “The Swell” features a bar which seems completely ethereal and out of this world due to it being based completely underwater. As it shows a peaceful oceanic experience, it captures of freedom and experience of childhood and exploration.

As for more music from American Doubles, there is a planned EP with 5 songs including “The Swell”. As well, the boys are planning to gig around Melbourne and hopefully do a East Coast tour up to Sydney and Brisbane, and a regional tour around Victoria.

Keep up with American Doubles via their social media: Facebook | Instagram


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