Drops: The Griswolds

By Portia Hampson

Sydney indie rock, four-piece, The Griswolds, have dropped a new single “Role Models” from their sophomore album ‘High Times for Low Lives’ and have finally announced they will be hitting the road again to tour Australia.

“Role Models” features The Griswolds signature unapologetic energy, with catchy pop vocals layered over edgy synths, sharp samples and syncopated claps.

The tune was written in isolation about 2 hours north of Sydney and produced in Los Angeles by the phenomenal, Grammy award winning producer Andrew Dawson.

Front man Chris Whitehall expressed his confusion on fans complimenting they ‘look up’ to them.

“It’s a really strange and beautiful thing when people say they look up to you or you inspire them. I remember thinking one day “Us? Role models? Hell no, no one should be looking up to us” So I wrote down that lyric “we ain’t your role models”.

‘High Times for Low Lives’ is currently out now! Order the album here

Check it out to experience the swathes of funk, R’n’B, hip-hop and electro sound that is, The Griswolds. Don’t forget to buy your tickets to The Low Lives Tour here, touring throughout April/May. You wouldn’t want to miss this!




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