Drops: Harry Styles

By Gabrielle Zgrajewski


Sweet  sounds, a mix between Fleetwood Mac and Bowie, Harry Styles has released his first solo album, self titled Harry Styles. Fluttering falsettos and strong guitar riffs and what makes this album so special. Let’s guide through the album together, pin-pointing the best bits of what makes up this new album.

Being introduced into the album, the first the “Meet Me in the Hallway”, is an acoustic piece, a very different direction from what Styles formerly produced with his band One Direction. Soft and sweet, its a good lead up to the next track, the bold and beautiful “Sign of the Times”.

The hard hitting single thats plastering the radio stations and puncturing teen girls hearts is a modern Bowie take off, with big build ups and ranging vocals leading up to a bold chorus. The lyrics hold meaning, whether you look at it from personal, or public view and what’s happening in the wider society.

Next, a low key throwback to Steelers Wheel’s “Stuck in the Middle”, “Carolina” holds the similar pop/rock beat, its legitimately groovy and very unexpected after the first two tracks on the album. It takes you by surprise, but its a nice surprise after a ballad that is so big.

Other tracks on the album can have recognisable influences alike Paul McCartney, a little bit of the Rolling Stones and even a little hint of Elvis with heavy rock guitar and drums over the top.

At the end, the last track “From the Dining Table”, is simply acoustic which is a sweet way to finish the album. It gives a conclusion to the album, and the first truely artistic piece from Styles which breaks apart from the rest.

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