What’s Goin On: San Cisco @ The Tivoli

By Gabrielle Zgrajewski


Waiting outside in the cold May air, standing outside the Tivoli in your jean jacket and converse, you hear numerous conversations about the show and what everyone is excited for. Finally, the time comes where the line starts to move- you hand your ticket to the security outside of the venue and stroll inside. You find your spot at the front near the barrier and wait for the show to begin. The music from the speakers stops, everyone goes silent, the lights go out and the gig begins…

First greeted by Boat Show, a Perth based group, the tone sets on stage, with plenty of energy by vocalist Ali Flintoff as she takes a swig of her drink and starts their set. Their set included songs “Staying Alive”, “Cis White Boy” and “Suss” (all on their album Groundbreaking Masterpiece which you can buy here), with a lot of spunk and confidence. Boat Show’s songs are very much a great big “F*ck You” to whatever is wrong with society, and with a strong punk component from the band, its portrayed in an upbeat way.

Thelma Plum, the beauty herself, then graced the stage for a calming set, filling the venue with synths and an angelic voice alike none-other. As cliche as it sounds, Thelma sounds even more wonderful in person than she already does on her recordings, so to see her perform only metres away was a treat in itself.

Although, the headlining act was hard to beat. As San Cisco came on stage, the crowd roared with excitement and there was the one or two high pitched squeals from both males and females who were excited to see their favourite band members in the flesh.

As the band powered through their set, it was expected to play songs only from their new album The Water, although, we were treated to every great hit that they had produced including “B-Side”, “Magic”, “Fred Astaire”, “Beach”, “The Water” and “Did I Do You Wrong?”.

The band as a whole put on a great performance. With not too much talking, they were able to create a jam-packed set, with great light-show and some groovy moves by vocalist Jordi Davieson. It was a great atmosphere and San Cisco showed their passion in their performance, with continuous smiles throughout.

Highlights during the gig especially was “Too Much Time Together”, “Beaches”, “Fred Astaire” and “Run”. As they were all fan favourites, everyone would join in and have a dance, with Jordi beaming with happiness. It was a wonderful experience.

Although, there was only one personal let down. THEY DID’NT PLAY AWKWARD. So, my dream of hearing “Awkward” live will forever live on. And for the sake of it, listen to it below! Gallery will be up in a different post so keep your eyes peeled. 


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