Pass the Mic: FAIRCHILD

By Gabrielle Zgrajewski


Gold Coast based band FAIRCHILD is back from their stay in Manchester, to provide the titled single “So Long and Thankyou”, off their debut album So Long and Thankyou available August 4th.

Going back, the band have been together for a whopping 4 years, starting up in 2013. As a six-piece band, FAIRCHILD have successfully bought the 1980’s new wave era to life through their music produced throughout the last few years.

While in Manchester, the band supported The Human League, Mutemath & MOTHXR, as well as supporting other big bands in their home country, including Neon Indian, Yeo, Northeast Party House and Cub Sport. Performing at festivals alike Big Day Out and showcasing at Canadian Music Week, Music Matters Live and Tokyo National Music Market, its guaranteed for FAIRCHILD to be a massive hit at the time of their debut album release.


Gearing up the single “So Long and Thankyou” slowly, it leads up to a punk-like beat upon new synth sounds, accompanied by lead singer Adam Lyons vocals, which are both punchy but spaced at the same time to achieve a different vocal sound to any other synth band.

Written shortly after the death of guitarist Tim Voeten’s father, the song is definitely a journey lead with different components of both instrumental and vocal, as you hear the pain in the voice of Lyons.

Voeten, himself, spoke about the single stating:

“”So Long and Thankyou” was written in different sections, by different members of the band, but with the same person in mind—my father. When I hear this song, of course I think about my Dad, but I also remember that it helped cement in me my love for making music with these people. During those long nights in the studio, I knew it was okay to not be okay. I’d show up with some half-baked idea and we͛d have a few drinks and mess around with it. I never knew one of those half-baked ideas would become “So Long and Thankyou”.”

The statement further evokes the idea of a musical journey throughout the song, making it relatable to listeners in more than one way.

The debut album So Long and Thankyou will be released early August, produced and mixed by Catherine Marks, who has previously worked with the bands Foals and Wolf Alice, so you know this album will have a lot to provide to listeners.

For those who are fans of Two Door Cinema Club and The Killers, you’ll be happy to hear that they have vibes of guitar riffs of Two Door Cinema Club although the vocal and emotion of The Killers, according to EARMILK, so keep that in mind while you give FAIRCHILD a listen!



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