Drops: The Winter Gypsy

By Gabrielle ZgrajewskiDBM_VIwUwAAH_Vn.jpg

Dreamy vocals and a folk based guitar is what makes up “Bojke”, the newest single by the Adelaide groove-sters and band The Winter Gypsy.

This tune has it all for the 4 season anthem, it suits all seasons with the eeriness and cool toned vocals, accompanied by the upbeat guitar riffs and rhythm which makes up a great  summery tune all into one.

The interlude vocals in-between each verse holds similar qualities to San Cisco, although very similar to indie band The Paper Kites, “Bojke” has its own quality, making it light and fluttery.

Alike a lot of their other music, it is verynostalgic, as if it brings back a bitter sweet memory laying in the back of your head, which is channeled through the music video.

The video further enhances that 4 seasons feel to the song, as the video is shot in cool tones and colours, as well as creating the eeriness through masking the two mates in the video who are just hanging out.

Although, it is also that type of video that makes you want to call up your friends, drive to a beach and just chill out by the water.

The video makes that connection to the nostalgic vibes, as well as channeling the idea of 4 seasons in one video, which make you what to do whatever the characters of the music video are doing in that very moment, no matter the weather and how cold or hot it is.

With great hits on Triple J, its sure to be a banger, and will hopefully be heard on the radio quite a bit to make the drive home from your day that little bit sweeter.

Check out the music below and leave a comment of what the song makes you feel!


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