Drops: Tempus Sun

By Gabrielle Zgrajewski


Tempus Sun, the 6 piece Melbourne band, is starting out with a bang, after the release of their single “Owls”. A sweet and subtle tune about friendship and personal growth, it has great build-up both instrumentally and vocally.

Starting as a simple tune, accompanied by the vocals of Andrew Wortes, the song talks about a man and his “owl” which could be interpreted differently from past conflicts to mental health. This is interpreted from the specific lyrics:

“We aren’t here alone; I’ve been followed by this strange white owl”….

“Fly he will, he’ll be back, his nest is in my head.”

Next, introducing backing vocals by Rya Parks gives the song a bit more loving and dimension, contrasting her airy voice to the more earthy tones of Wortes.

Exploding into the chorus with life and power, the song hits an all time high, with drums, guitar, bass and keys working as one to make both a rhythmic and heavenly beat while passion seeps through in the middle with the vocals.

Influenced by other artists a long the likes of Boy & Bear and Of Monsters and Men, the influence is channelled through their music to show the clear similarities between both bands and Tempus Sun.

Listen and view the music video below and keep your eyes peeeeeeeled for their self-titled album which will be released August 4th!


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