Just a Chat: Ginger & the Ghost

By Gabby Zgrajewski

Ginger & the Ghost, a Sydney based Indie Pop group is flashing on the radar at the moment due to their new single Kindred Spirits. Currently on tour throughout Europe, the duo is taking the art pop world into their hands with stunning imagery, interesting tunes and a lot more of a wow-factor than some of the music circulating today.

With a very avant-garde style of both music and imagery in their music videos, each clip is different, wanting viewers to keep an open mind and soul to be able to fully enjoy each song they make.

Influenced by world music, Afro Beat, Bubu Music and Electronic Cumbia are just a few that the dynamic duo can identify themselves with, so if any of that sparks your interest, definitely check these two out, and see below for a short interview with Missy Gilbert and Daniel Bourne for the inner workings and influences of their single and their project Ginger & the Ghost.


GZ: What influenced Kindred Spirits and its story?

G&G:The connection for kindred spirits is a personal one and we all relate to having or own intimate connections to other souls. Nature and environment included. I explain the birth of a new kindred spirit … split through, a seed etc Etc you get da gist !

GZ: It’s crazy how similar, but also how different Kindred Spirits sounds compared to GLOW. It’s quite intriguing and experimental, what major outside musical influences styled your work?

G&G: We travel to Europe a lot and I guess we influence from world music bob traditional and contemporary, Afro beat, bubu music, electronic Cumbia…. love bonobo, chancha via circuito, Nichola Cruz. Zzk label, multi-culture label, Mali music I’m just rattling a few off but it’s hard to define really!

GZ: The music video shows tribal, avant-garde imagery as well as a lot of Australian landscape. Can you please explain the relation of them in your own words?

G&G: The opinions of influence are personal opinion I guess, our art direction and styling came from a place of global influence of ceremony and it was a response to the areas we shot in. We had our dear friend @appettitefordecoration styling us as a collaboration and lots of artists mates including @clairepony @nathanxthomas @blackkrsna @deptof responding to the song with their own influences. We also were honoured to have indigenous Aboriginal artist and activist Amethyst Mysty create a contemporary artwork of a serpent which had elements and design including all areas of the land we filmed in with a thread through the design linking all together. We worked really hard to create an abstract fantastical story that people can take what they want from.

GZ: I see at the start of the music video, the traditional owners of the land are acknowledged, does this relate back to the story, or do you believe its a priority for all music videos that are shot in the Australian outback to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land?

G&G: It’s a priority for us to acknowledge the traditional custodians of that land. It’s something we felt we personally needed to do.

GZ: What type of music are you listening to currently? Any recommendations for the readers?

Loving the bands we are seeing on tour !!!

Le Parody (Spain)

Sensible Soccers (Portugal)

Janka Nabay and the Bubu gang (Global Band)

Aries (Spain)

OctaPush (Portugal)

Check out the video below!


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