Drops: Shelley Segal

By Gabrielle Zgrajewski

Heavy beats and heavy lyrics make up the newest track by Shelley Segal “Somebody Like You”. As the lyrics explore the hardships of a relationship at eighteen, the single goes one step further as she sings about not being able to date someone due to their religious differences and her families disapproval. Despite the initial meaning of the track, this heart felt song is meant to pull heart-strings and is the perfect break-up song to eat ice-cream to.

Based in LA, Segal has definitely infused this new sound with rock-inspired influences, compared to her familiar pop sound, with heavier drums and hanging guitars, overlaying her passionate voice over the top.

The chorus is what really gets you, as it becomes very powerful and takes you on a trip of emotions between very emotive and passionate. As it bridges between verse and chorus, the lead-ups are very satisfying as you know that the build-up will lead to a powerful chorus- you won’t be let down.

Segal will be back in Australia for her “Somebody Like You” Launch Shows in Victoria. Check the dates below and buy the single here.

FRI 29 DEC– Yard Bird, Bendigo, Vic- 18+- Free Entry

THURS 4 JAN– Cally Hotel, Warrnambool, Vic- 18+- Free Entry

FRI 12 JAN– Paynesville Wine Bar, Paynesville, Vic- 18+- Tickets at Door



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