What’s Goin On: Lime Cordiale @ The Brightside

By Gabrielle Zgrajewski

What did you do last Friday night? I was partying at The Brightside to Lime Cordiale and their new album “The Permanent Vacation”. Whether it was the dancing, or the overall atmosphere that was LIT (I already regret saying that word), that consumed the sweaty and excited crowd, Lime Cordiale is definitely a band worth seeing live. 


Taken from Lime Cordiale’s Facebook Page

Kicking off with Gold Member- an electronic duo from Sydney, started the set with a punch. Made up of hip-hop beats and 80’s synth, Az and Gus fired-up the audience with lively tunes and an over-all great time. As a great live performance, you could tell the two loved their music due to the amount of energy put into their set, with both dancing to the max. I’m excited to see what more Goldie has to offer, as everyone was moving once the tunes began.

Diving head-first into a chilled out set of the night, Christopher Panousakis- aka Timberwolf, graced the stage to play us some juicy acoustic tunes off his new album “ÍKAROS”. Just giving us a taste of his psych-rock sound, we were treated with a special rendition of “Red Bone” originally by Childish Gambino that was an absolute gem. Also announcing that he was performing on Triple J’s Like a Version this coming Friday, the crowd just wanted more and more. Keep an ear out for Chris’ performance tomorrow morning!

In all their glory, Lime Cordiale finally joined the stage, causing an amazing up-roar in the crowds drunken state. Playing songs alike “Make Up Your Mind” and “Is He Your Man”, you could feel the passion through Oliver and Louis Leimbach’s voices.

Personally my favourite was their first track of their new album “Naturally” which was a fan-favourite. Not only was the band singing every word, but so was the crowd, contributing to that chilled vibe that the venue held.

“Risky Love” was a favourite of mine, as the band had live trombone which made the song a tiny bit more special, as instruments that are not ‘natural’ within the live music scene 90% of the time makes the set a bit more wonderful.

Sadly, the only part of the show I didn’t really enjoy was it ending. It was too sad to not be able to groove on into the night with all three bands, many not wanting the set to end.

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