Drops: Ali Barter

By Portia Hampson


Incase you missed it on Tuesday night, Ali Barter dropped into the Triple J studios to talk about her first full length album ‘A Suitable Girl’ and to premiere her latest pop rock single “Cigarette”.

Ali spoke about her biggest inspirations Kylie Minogue and Madonna and how they’ve influence her. But her most noted influence for her current record title is based off a book called A Suitable Boy written by Vikram Seth.

It’s a beautiful story about a girl who comes of age and has to find a husband. I loved this book and I was writing all these songs and realising all these songs were kind of about me finding my place, learning acceptance, being angry, being a girl, and being OK with that. All the stuff that is growing up.- Ali Barter

‘A Suitable Girl’ is Ali’s rawest work and we can’t wait to hear the entirety of the record!

Barter also stated she imagines her record to be the background of a romantic movie soundtrack, with each song scoring their own scene. She explained where the placing of cigarette would be in her imaginary romantic movie and quite frankly, we agree.

“It’s the beginning, it’s like the frustration. There’s a [couple] and they’re having this relationship and in love. Then the first thing happens and someone gets pissed off and then it leads to the big fight. So it’s kind of like a third of the way in, it’s when trouble’s brewing” Ali said.

We can all feel that Barter’s record is going to make many headlines over the next year and maybe even a few romantic movie appearances?

‘A Suitable Girl’ is out March 24th


Drops: London Grammar

By Gabrielle Zgrajewski


As a song that is almost out-of-worldly, the imagery of London Grammar’s new single “Big Picture”, shows us exactly what the title states within the few minutes of the singles music video.

As the song explores love, the lyrics uncover a darker meaning of a toxic relationship between two people.

Only now do I see the big picture
But I swear that these scars are fine
Only you could have hurt me in this perfect way tonight
I might be blind, but you’ve told me the difference
Between mistakes and what you just meant for me

These lyrics, backed by their traditional soft sound, of guitar, keyboard and Hannah Reid’s angelic vocals create an almost ethereal vibe.

Accompanied by the imagery of the music video for “Big Picture”, the theme of a bigger picture is put into a different perspective.

Images of the stars, the sky, northern lights playing on the face of the earth, clouds, trees and galaxies create a conversation of what is really important. Although you may have lost a special relationship with someone you loved, there is so much around you and so much beauty within the world- as well as better and bigger things coming your way. The song and its music video shows the finer things in life which go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Check out the music video below and let us know in the comments what you think.

What’s Goin On: Big Pineapple Music Festival

By Gabrielle Zgrajewski

The Big Pineapple Music Festival released its hectic line up for 2017, and it will be drawing a big crowd with some of the worlds newest and upcoming artists.

With huge bands such as Birds of Tokyo and Peking Duck, other artists including Alex Lahey, Jack River and Sampa the Great will also be on stage to give what is only assumed to be wonderful performances.

Tickets go on sale TOMORROW- Thursday the 9th of Feb at 9am AEDT

For more details click here

Lineup in alphabetical order:

Alex Lahey
Bec Sandridge
Birds of Tokyo
Boo Seeka
Bootleg Rascal
Buck Dean & The Green Lips
Citizen Kay
City Calm Down
Cloud Control
DJ Fro
DZ Deathrays
Gold Member
Hey Geronimo
High Tropics
Jack River
Nicole Millar
Ocean Alley
Peking Duk
Pierce Brothers
Polish Club
Sampa The Great
The Hi-Boys
The Veronicas
Vera Blue
West Thebarton Brothel Party
Winston Surfshirt




Drops: Ocean Grove

By Tyne Cochran-Guest writer


Need some new head banging tunes to jam to? Maybe something different? Alternative, Odd World Melbourne band Ocean Grove have just dropped some heavy new content.

Their new album “The Rhapsody Tapes” has just been released and if you’re looking for something outside of the norm, it may be just what you’re looking for. The album consists of 12 songs, one of them featuring Running Touch, a sole electronic artist who happens to feature in some of Ocean Grove’s music videos.

Starting off with What I Like About a Natural woman, the track sets the overall mood of the album. We were given hints earlier on with tracks ‘These Boys Light Fires’ and ‘Intimate Alien’. Although they use many different techniques with their sound, the overall sound of their music is hard to describe, it’s that good. Ocean Grove is referred to as ‘Odd World Music’, and while they’re still a heavy band, mixing their sound with different kinds of music and subgenres, gives them that edge and difference between other heavy artists.

Listeners may have their own opinions on what the album sounds like to them, and this is what makes Ocean Grove keep their listeners wanting more after every song they hear. The Rhapsody Tapes album is definitely a step up from their 2013 EP Outsider and 2015 EP Black Label, and while these two EP’s are incredible and are listened to every day, this new album has got everyone talking. It could even be the best heavy record dropped since 2017 commenced.

The members in Ocean Grove have said they all had a part in writing all of their music, with all of their different ideas and influences put together to make an extremely awesome 12-tracked album. Every instrument and sound click perfectly with the rest of the song and the more intense parts of the songs are progressively timed so well and keeps you wanting to hear more. The album’s songs do not sound the same, or all have the same kind of vibe to them, like you hear on some albums. For example, ‘The Wrong Way’ only contains clean vocals and ‘Slow Soap Soak’ with a slow tempo that contrasts to the rest of the album. There’s something in this album for everyone, and even if you’re not a heavy kind of music listener, there’s bound to be a song in The Rhapsody Tapes that you enjoy.

Order the album on iTunes

Order physical album here

Listen on Spotify 

Track List:

  1. What I Love About a Natural Woman
  2. Beers
  3. Thunderdome (feat. Running Touch)
  4. Intimate Alien
  5. The Wrong Way
  6. Slow Soap Soak
  7. These Boys Light Fires
  8. When You’re This High You Can Say What You Like
  9. Mr Centipede
  10. From Dalight
  11. Stratosphere Love
  12. Hitachi


Drops: Chase Atlantic

By Gabrielle Zgrajewski

Chase Atlantic, the Australian indie pop/rock band has released three new songs that are very different from their “normal” sound.


The trio have left their heavy guitar riffs at the doors and have adopted a The Weeknd vibe with an indie hip hop beat. This was experimented with their song “Obsessive” released in 2016, although now developed into what is the mini EP ‘Part One’ which is made up of the songs “Right Here”, “Into It” and “Church”.

As much as fans may miss the old rock sound that Chase Atlantic based themselves on, this new era of music is exciting. As it is more mature and suitable for a larger range of audience, it will be interesting to see what the band has in store next for their music and their progression to find a particular sound.

Check it out on Spotify!



What’s Goin On: HyperFest

By Gabrielle Zgrajewski

Event solus (002).jpg

With great headlining acts, Perth’s all-age music festival has just released another 55 acts to their already amazing line-up heading to the Midland Oval in Perth on the 18th of February.

With Hockey Dad, Allday and Ocean Grove already performing, other artists that are making the music scene like Mallrat, Tyne-James Organ and Amy Shark are now also hitting the stage to make Hyperfest 2017 one to remember.

This is set to be one of the biggest family friendly music festivals of the year with a no smoking, drugs and alcohol policy! Which makes it a bit different, but who needs that when you have a dream-team of a line up?

Here’s the full line up:

Main Stage:
Amy Shark
Tyne-James Organ
Elora Danan
LC McKenzie
Vice Versa
The Encounters
Hands Like Houses
Hockey Dad
Nicole Millar
Ocean Grove
Totally Unicorn
Verge Collection
Rag N Bone
Alex The Kid
Jacob Diamond

RAC Chill Out Stage:
Those Who Dream
Thank You Frank
Like A Thief
Sydnee Carter
Modern Day Crisis
Red Moon
Creatures of Habit
Hannah Mae & The Hoodwinks

Rock Scholars Pop-Up Stage:
Pot Plant House Party
Mango Tango
Why Even Try
Vacant Home
Available At The Counter
Dream of Empire
Mixed Signals
Scholarpalooza winner

Silent Disco:
Br. Beats
Ethan Norman
Jack Lowes
Jason Duffin (DJ)
Matt Millner

Breaking: Dune Rats

By Gabrielle Zgrajewski

Dune Rats have finally released their album ‘The Kids Will Know It’s Bulls***’ after teasing fans for so long after releasing the singles from the album “Bulls***” and “Scott Green”.

The album is full of songs that are almost reminiscent of those pre-teen/teenage years where you wish you were old enough to do whatever you like. The years of asking your older siblings to sneak you alcohol (Listen to 6 Pack) or the time you may have promised yourself that you aren’t going to do that thing that you ended up doing anyway (Listen to Never Gonna Get High).


It  is full of exploration of Australian teen years, in a way where most people can relate to one song or another.

The band has kept their familiar sound, which has worked in their favour with the rock scene being a big trend within Australian music currently.

Dune Rats are currently finishing up their tour with St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, although will be going back on tour at the end of this month, though till March 26th. In the mean time, the boys will also be doing exclusive signings for their new album at the following locations:

Melbourne- Tuesday 7th from 4:30
24Hundred- 17-19 Wangaratta St, Richmond
Sydney- Wednesday 8th from 4:30
Utopia Records- 511 Kent St, Sydney
Brisbane- Thursday 9th Feb from 4:30
Rocking Horse Records- 245 Albert St, Brisbane City