Catch-Up: What did we miss?

By Gabrielle Zgrajewski

Our first official week of publishing has come to an end and a lot of things have happened. Here, we will give you almost everything that we might have missed throughout the week.


  • Triple J Hottest 100 – Flume gets #1.
    Its no surprise that Flume would be at the top of the chart. From first performing in Adelaide in 2012, to now currently going on tour overseas in America, Flume has taken the world by storm. The hit song “Never Be Like You” featuring Kai off his album ‘Skin’ took Triple J’s top spot.
  • St Jerome Laneway Festival
    St Jerome Laneway Festival started in Brisbane on the 26th of January! Featuring artists such as Tash Sultana, Tame Impala, Dune Rats, Nick Murphy (formally Chet Faker) and more. If you haven’t gotten tickets for the other festival days click here to purchase tickets!

  • Missy Elliot’s “I’m Better”
    Missy Elliot released a music video for her new song “I’m Better” featuring Lamb. With futuristic fashion, lighting, beats and makeup, the hip-hop singer has definitely found a new aesthetic compared to her older, more traditional music- for example her sound and visuals of “Work It” released in 2002.

  • New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
    Big names like Stevie Wonder, Tom Petty, Maroon 5 and Dave Matthews are all set to headline the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in late April and early May. Other musicians such as Snoop Dog and Kings of Leon will also be playing, accompanied by 500 other artists over the schedule of the festival.
  • OzFest
    OzFest is on at the Shark Bar in Miami, QLD is on TONIGHT! Featuring bands such as Ball Park Music, Urth Boy and Britsh India it will surely go off at the small bar above the Miami Tavern. Click here for more details.
  • Chance the Rapper
    Chance the Rapper, accompanied by Jon Batiste and Ziggy Marley sang the hit child television show “Arthur” theme song. All I can say is that it was amazing.

  • Triple J Like a Version
    Aurora, the Norwegian beauty covered Massive Attack’s “Teardrop” on Friday. It was probably the most angelic thing you will hear this month.


What’s Goin On: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard- Laneway

By Portia Hampson

Editors Note: Videos will be uploaded to our instagram (@setsoundblog) throughout week of Laneway Sets. Taken by Portia Hampson

Kicking off their set with the new tunes from their 8th studio record ‘Nonagon Infinity’, Melbourna1566708845_5e psychedelic rockers King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard brought in the crowds during their Laneway Festival set in Brisbane.

From the moment they stepped on stage, the atmosphere in the marquee was indescribable. Hundreds gathered around inside the marquee, as well as outside in the heat with their over priced bevies in the air to show their support to King Gizz.

‘Rattlesnake’ off their 9th upcoming studio album “Flying Microtonal Banana” set the crowd off, drawing in a wild circle pit from festival goers giving it their all despite the rising and ongoing heat.
2017 will be a rapid year for King Gizzard with Rattlesnake being the first single released off the first of five studio albums that will be released throughout the year.

King Gizz was without a doubt one of my personal favourite sets of laneway, as one song ended, another flowed in straight after. Despite the endless amounts of sweat we endured, with the retro style back drop and video game-like light show the stage presence and energy of King Gizzard makes you want more, even long after the set is done.

The band will be touring their new album in March (US), you wouldn’t want to miss them next time.

“Flying Microtonal Banana” will be released February 24, 2017


Playlist: Top 50 Australian Songs of All Time

Editors Note by Gabrielle Zgrajewski: This is a playlist of pre-2000’s. I’m sorry but it just happened that way. 

By Gabrielle Zgrajewski


It’s that time of year again where Australians can sit in a pool, drink beer and have no excuse but “It’s Australia Day”. This year we are hosting Laneway Festival in Brisbane and as always, there are toad and cockroach races.

Triple J also host their Hottest 100 Songs of the previous year before, and there’s always an argument of who will be #1. But alas, Set Sound has made you their very own Hottest 50. 3 hours and 14 minutes of pure Australian classics (with a bonus song!) Listen to this pre-Triple J Hottest 100, and drink a few beers while you’re at it. Who isn’t always ready for a drunken sing-a-long?

There is no specific order to our playlist, that way you can have full control over who wins the top spot!

Enjoy your Australia Day!


Playlists: Girl Power

By Taylor Williams

Editors Note by Gabrielle Zgrajewski: In light of recent history, the team of Set Sound would like to show our support for not only the women of the world but all minorities. This playlist is a “Girl Power” playlist to commend the recent women marches that took place all over the world- although especially in America with a whopping 500 cities taking part of the demonstration (Frostenson). With over 3.3 million citizens taking part in what may be the largest U.S. demonstration ever, we wanted to commend this moment in history. 


For the Womens Marches held around the world we decided to create a play list that would commemorate some of the biggest female artists and influences in music today. They are both inspiring and have something to say. Here is the top 10 tracks of the playlist! Find the whole playlist below!


  1. Running At People Exiting- Ecca Vandal
  2. I for an Eye- Waax
  3. Screentime- E^ST
  4. Flesh Without Blood- Grimes
  5. Sex Yeah- Marina and the Diamonds
  6. Hair- Lay Gaga
  7. Brooklyn Baby- Lana Del Rey
  8. In There Somewhere- Halsey
  9. Advice- Kehlani
  10. Adore- Amy Shark


Frostenson, Sarah. “The Women’s Marches May Have Been The Largest Demonstration In US History”. Vox. N.p., 2017. Web. 24 Jan. 2017.

Pass the Mic: Loyle Carner

By Peyton Matherson

Loyle Carner released “Yesterday’s Gone” on January 20 bringing a fresh start to 2017, for those of you who are grime lovers or those of you who think grime is no better than its name, synonymous with filth.


The  British Hip-Hop artist  paints us a picture of his mind within the creative genius which is this album. Full of emotion and an intelligent mix of jazz and what sounds to be the remnants of the early 2000’s hip hop scene. There’s even a track for the slam poetry fans amongst us, give +44 a listen if that’s your caper- about filling the void of love with a one night stand because you’re bored. 

A suggested track is ‘The Isle of Arran’. The track mimics what we’ve been hearing from the likes of Macklemore and Bruno Mars more recently and it provides an easy transition for those not unaccustomed to hearing such hard hitting poetry mixed into their favourite tunes. Loyle explores his youth as well as celebrating what it is to be a young dad, showing masculinity through emotion and everything in between.

You can download the album via the Loyle Carner website here

Or else check out the playlist of songs below

What’s Goin On: Regurgitator

By Gabrielle Zgrajewski

That’s right ladies and gentlemen- Regurgitator. If you went out on the town in Brisbane during the 1990’s then you would most likely know who I’m talking about, and they are back again!

Featured as the headlining act at Up Late GOMA10 (Gallery of Modern Art 10 year anniversary), the crowd flooded in just to see one band that would bring them back to their youth.

For those who have no idea who I am talking about, its these guys.


A traditional rock band that experiments with a Punk component in their music blows even the youngest of minds with their cheeky but catchy songs like “Bong In My Eye” and “Crush The Losers”.

Although during Up Late GOMA10, the song “I Sucked A Lot of C*ck to Get Where I Am” was a surprisingly big hit within the crowd, with whistles, excitement and reciting every word.

The guys worked the crowd to their advantage by greeting well known fans and also saying happy birthday to another. They were friendly and also willing to hang back for photos and a chat.

This band is still one to sit back and listen to as their sound is timeless!

What’s Goin On: Skegss @ The Miami Shark Bar

By Gabrielle Zgrajewski

Skegss are currently gracing Australia and New Zealand with a tour after the release of their single “Spring Has Sprung” from their forthcoming EP Holiday Food. With ranging local support acts  LOS SCALLYWAGGSDumb Punts, Voiiid and Peter Bibby, the gig at the Miami Shark Bar, Gold Coast was in for a good time for a Thursday night.

Excitement and anticipation circled the room as a group of friends and I entered the bar, and accidentally met Toby from Skegss as we stood around aimlessly not knowing what to do. He was a wonderful guy and had a lot of energy so I already knew this show was going to go off.

Not soon after, with a drink in my hand I found myself bobbing along to Los Scallywags. They shared a setlist of songs that were almost reminiscent. As if you have heard them many times before in a past life of the 70’s, although revamped and modernised.

We found Dumb Punts on stage next, greeted by Seattle as she sat down behind the drums.  The mosh was jumping up and down as one massive wave of bodies, although that didn’t prepare you for what was the storm of Skegss.


As the boys started and “New York California” played, the mosh was hot, sweaty, and lethal. We all danced as hard as we could while Skegss played one of the best gigs I had seen in awhile. With Ben’s voice booming throughout the room, the vibe throughout the set did not fail with energy.

From song to song, the breaks seemed seamless as they just flowed from one to the next, and although there was little dialogue from the boys, you could tell they were thankful for the show-up of people.

Finally, “Spring Has Sprung” was played- at this point, people had jumped over the barrier, jumping on stage, sadly knocking around equipment, but having a good time. Meanwhile, behind the barrier there were punches, falls, concussions, blood and some glass (?).


What was amazing was that the band kept it together while the equipment was knocked and moved. The boys stayed tight and continued on in the most annoying of times!

If you haven’t grabbed tickets to the rest of their shows, click here. Tour finishes February 18.

Holiday Food EP out soon!

Listen to “Spring Has Sprung” here